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    How to add new row ?


      hi ,

      i wrote a select statment , the data is displayed , and i want to add a new row , how to do so ?

      there is no "plus(add)" icon above the data .

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          not directly from the "query result", but if you control-click your table name in your statement, you'll get the table details and from there you can add rows from the "data" tab

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            what if my select list is from two tables or more ?

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              Then you should insert first in one table and then in the other one.



              If you are selecting from more than one table then you are most probably joining them in some way, and when joins enter the field (or even worse grouping functions) you are no longer sure of where the data you are seeing actually comes from (this is the reason why by default you cannot insert data from a select query), also it's perfectly possible to select only one column from a single table, but if this table has more than one column and one of them is defined as NOT NULL and you are not selecting it then you are out of luck and cannot insert from your select query.



              There are cases when inserting might be possible, and cases where it is not, SQLDeveloper doesn't even try to guess if it can insert from your query, and IMHO this is a good decision, when modifying data it's always better to think first, and you might forget that if you just edit a query result grid.