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    Application Server with WebCache & OHS IPv6 (Dual Stack) Migration


      Hello Team,


      I have Oracle Application Server 10G running Facing Internet


      Oracle Portal10.
      Oracle Application Server10.


      I have all internal Portals which are mappped with OHS Reverse Proxy.


      Internet User Hits WebCache on port 80 which internally passes request accordingly.


      I want to migrate FrontEnd to IPV6. So I am planning to make WebCache Listen on IPV6 ip on those Ports too.  (Means Dual Stack, Can listen to IPv4 & IPv6 Both).


      Internally it For Cache MISS it will hit internal server on IPv4.


      Motive is to make WebCache to Listen on IPv6over internet  & internal connection happens on IPv4. ( I Got IPv6 Pool From my ISP provider).


      What are the Points I should Consider while doing this ??

      I need also need to know if he state version compatible with IPv6 or any Patch is needed to make it Compatible ?


      Thanks in Advance.