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    Modify Records takes hours to complete


      Hello everyone,

      Don't know if this is the right place to post my question but here it goes.


      I'm using OEID 3.1 .

      I want to update my records in my Data Domain to replace the values in a new column that I've created previously in Endeca.

      The query gets my elements and order them in 1-3 minutes top (with 3.2 M records) but when it reaches the modify records components, it takes hours and hours to modify the records.


      I noticed that it gets stuck on specific values for a lot of time and then it moves on, happening again in other records. Why is this happening ?

      The number of records are the same and I've tried a lot of different ways but this is happening every time.


      Here's the code if you want to check it out.

      Many thanks everyone.


      Regards and have a good week.


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Graph author="oracle" created="Wed May 28 11:05:33 WEST 2014" guiVersion="3.4.1.P" id="1401271876519" licenseType="Commercial" modified="Wed Jul 02 15:54:40 WEST 2014" modifiedBy="oracle" name="LoadInitialTablesToDataDomain" revision="1.403" showComponentDetails="true">


      <Metadata id="Metadata0" previewAttachmentCharset="ISO-8859-1">

      <Record fieldDelimiter=";" name="CC" previewAttachmentCharset="ISO-8859-1" recordDelimiter="\n" recordSize="-1" type="delimited">

      <Field eofAsDelimiter="false" length="10" name="PCODIGO" nullable="true" scale="0" shift="0" size="0" type="number"/>

      <Field eofAsDelimiter="false" name="CC_VALIDA" nullable="true" shift="0" size="4000" type="string"/>

      <Field eofAsDelimiter="false" name="SUGESTAO_PBI" nullable="true" shift="0" size="4000" type="string"/>



      <Connection dbConfig="${CONN_DIR}/connection.cfg" id="JDBC0" type="JDBC"/>

      <Property fileURL="workspace.prm" id="GraphParameter0"/>



      <Phase number="0">

      <Node enabled="enabled" guiName="ExtSort" guiX="309" guiY="41" id="EXT_SORT" sortKey="PCODIGO(a)" type="EXT_SORT"/>

      <Node batchSize="1000000" dataDomainName="pessoas2" enabled="enabled" endecaServerContextRoot="/endeca-server" endecaServerHost="lisobiee01" endecaServerPort="21000" guiName="Modify Records" guiX="599" guiY="46" id="MODIFY_RECORDS" multiAssignBehavior="MATCHES_EXACTLY" multiAssignDelimiter="" operation="REPLACE_ASSIGNMENTS" specAttributes="PCODIGO" type="ENDECA_MODIFY_RECORDS"/>

      <Node dbConnection="JDBC0" enabled="enabled" guiName="Select * from Pessoas" guiX="19" guiY="41" id="SELECT_FROM_PESSOAS2" type="DB_INPUT_TABLE">

      <attr name="sqlQuery"><![CDATA[select pcodigo

      , stg_val_cc(pbi, codigo_cartao_cidadao) as CC_VALIDA

      , stg_sugestao_cc(pbi, codigo_cartao_cidadao) as SUGESTAO_PBI

      from pessoas

      where nova_pessoa=0]]></attr>


      <Edge fromNode="EXT_SORT:0" guiBendpoints="" guiRouter="Manhattan" id="Edge1" inPort="Port 0 (in)" metadata="Metadata0" outPort="Port 0 (out)" toNode="MODIFY_RECORDS:0"/>

      <Edge debugMode="true" fromNode="SELECT_FROM_PESSOAS2:0" guiBendpoints="" guiRouter="Manhattan" id="Edge0" inPort="Port 0 (in)" metadata="Metadata0" outPort="Port 0 (out)" toNode="EXT_SORT:0"/>