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    Java 8 & Bluetooth


      I was wondering what others are using in their Java 8 development for communicating with Bluetooth devices?

      I know, after seaching the Web, there are 2 Java libraries: free Bluecove and a payable. Taken Bluecove: doesn't support Mac OSX as from 10.8, I suppose most people use the most recent OSX version (10.9 Mavericks) for their Java 8 development. Above that Bluecove doesn't support Bluetooth LE (4.x). So for Java 8 SE what do others use to communicate with Bluetooth devices (also from Mac >10.8 and also communicating with Bluetooth LE)?

      Additional question: does Java 8 ME has out-of-the-box libraries for communicating with Bluetooth (LE) devices?


      Oracle has any plans adding a Bluetooth API to Java??