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    How to insert data separetely from a shuttle list item


      I have the following table:


      IDNUMBERNo - 1
      TASK_IDNUMBERYes - -


      In that table I fill the ID of the analyst and the ID of the task. The thing is that one analyst can have 1 or more tasks. For doing that I want to use a select list item to load the analysts and a shuttle list to load the tasks. As you can think already, I will choose one analyst and from the shuttle list I will choose all the tasks that I want to assign to the selected analyst. I already did it and when I submitted the page I got this error:

      1 error has occurred

      • Invalid numeric value 74:128:84 for column TASK_ID


      As you can assume, regarding the error, I selected 3 tasks (74:128:84) to assign to the selected analyst. To fix this, I guess that I have to make 3 inserts in the table above, but that will depends of the tasks selected, if there are 5 tasks, I will need to make 5 inserts. How can I do that? How can take those "task_id" from the shuttle list without the : ? Thanks in advance for your help.


      Regards, Bernardo.