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    Empty email content in task update outcome


      Hi ,


      I have create Oracle BPM Application that contain 4 human task flow.Each human task flow will send a notification to initiator and assignees to notify user that the task already completed and notify them if there any task that have been assign to them. Below is the task status that I have specify in notification for each human task flow.


      Human Task 1 (Initiate ticket)

      • Assign    (Email Title: Action Required)
      • Complete (Email Title: Completed)
      • Error


      Human Task 2,3,4(Review Ticket,Approve Ticket,Review Task)

      • Assign (Email Title: Action Required)
      • Update Outcome (Email Title: Completed)
      • Complete
      • Error


      The issue is, email that I receive for Update Outcome(Review Ticket,Approve Ticket,Review Task) not return or pass any data.This task just send me notification with empty form. But for complete email(Initiate ticket) and assign notification, I able to receive email with form and data.


      Is there anyone know what is the root cause for this issues? What can I  do to fix this issues?


      Need this solutions urgently.

      Thanks in advance.