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    I need HELP!!  with CAP Converter Tool (using JCDK3.0.4)


      Hello All,


      I am newbie on this Java Card community, I am interested to learn Java Card concepts. Tried using JCDK 3.0.4 for CAP file conversion. It works fine for first trial of creation of applet but when i try to create applet for second time i am getting following error:


      ERROR: Second call to constructor of static parser.

      You must either use ReInit() or set the JavaCC option STATIC to false
      during parser generation.

      Jul 3, 2014 3:11:28 PM

      SEVERE: converter internal error.

      converter internal error.


          at com.sun.javacard.jcasm.Parser.<init>(Parser.java:4377)

          at com.sun.javacard.jcasm.Parser.<init>(Parser.java:4368)

          at com.sun.javacard.jcasm.cap.CapgenWrapper.generateCAPFile(CapgenWrapper.java:49)

          at com.sun.javacard.converter.ConverterHarness.generateCAP(ConverterHarness.java:250)

          at com.sun.javacard.converter.ConverterHarness.convert(ConverterHarness.java:85)

          at com.sun.javacard.converter.ConverterHarness.main(ConverterHarness.java:45)

          at com.sun.javacard.converter.Main.main(Main.java:19)


      - Thanks