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    Why a facebook link to statement of direction?


      Sticky note 2:

      Updated APEX 5.0 & APEX 5.1 Statement of Direction published ... From http://otn.oracle.com/apex simply click on the "Collateral" button.


      The http://otn.oracle.com/apex link is actually a Facebook link that then redirects to OTN.




      It is just downright, pardon for being blunt, stupid. Especially for those of us who do no "do" Facebook, who have browsers not accepting Facebook cr@p like cookies and javascript.


      It is arrogant in the extreme to expect Oracle customers and users, to jump on the social bandwagon called Facebook (aka the NSA's data mine).

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          I momentarily thought to move this thread to the Community Feedback discussion space, but have thought better of that.


          This appears to be a specific ApEx question, so I'm leaving it here in the hopes that a company representative can address it.   Hopefully they can explain why someone at Corporate thought that would be a sane thing to do.