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    Language = browser lang. (automatically), but should be changeable afterwards


      Hi everyone,


      I'd like to develop the following:


      User opens application for the first time (URL should be f?p=XXX - I'd like to keep it simple).

      Application language should be equals to browser language.


      Now, if the browser language is not the desired language, the user can click a link (= language selector) in order to change a language (it would be great if the URL stayed the same, without adding additional parameters).


      What could be a good choice for "Application Language Derived From"?

      • with "use browser language preference", I can't change the language afterwards
      • "Item Preference" could work?
      • "Session" maybe too, but I don't know where I can add an item for all pages.


      I guess I need to work with the BROWSER_LANGUAGE variable?


      Thanks in advance,