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    How do I separate the column into separate columns


      Hello experts,

      I am following up on the question I posted earlier, basically I have a column which bring a loong column and the user wants to break into 3 columns.


      Here is a sample of the results ' (IPHONES ~ DAL MONDS MONTHLY EST RENT) OR (SAMSUNG5S ~ ACCRUAL 05-30-14 TO 05-31-14).. so, the user want to break these lines into 3 distinct lines.. eg

      LINE 1                    LINE 2                   LINE 3

      IPHONE                  DAL MONDS          MONTHLY EST RENT

      SAMSUNG5S        ACCRUAL                05-30-14 TO 05-31-14


      How do I go to do that using my column ("Details"."Journal Description"); for instance first line set to leave the '~'  out. starts....  Is there a different function besides Substring/Locate

      it seems the substring can bring what you need but not what you want...


      will highly appreciate your help