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    JMS Server has no current server and health status




      Just configured automatic service migration for a JMS Server in my WebLogic Cluster.


      I've performed the following:


      1. Configured server migration on an 8-node WLS Cluster. It uses Concensus leasing.

      2. Set the candidate servers on MS1 to MS1 (migratable) and MS5 (migratable).

      3. Created a JDBC persistence store and targeted it to MS1 (migratable).

      4. Set the JMS Server to target MS1 (migratable).


      I didn't find any significant errors while activating all the changes and restarting the managed servers, but when I view the Summary of JMS Servers, the items have no 'Current Server' and 'Health' indicated.


      Anything I could have missed during the configuration?