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    How to embed a BI publisher Report in welcome page of fusion app?




      I was a ADF developer, new to fusion app and BI publisher. We are using Oracle Fusion Application version for compensation implementation and BI publisher is a part of it.

      I've developed a BI publisher report, placed it under Shared Folder \ Custom, want to embed the same in welcome page of the fusion app. By following the video How do I embed a report in a sales dashboard? - YouTube, I followed below steps

      1. Administration -> Customize Work area page

      2. Add Content

      3. Clicked on 'Reports and Analytics'

      4. Clicked on 'BIPresentationServer'

      5. Shared Folder

      6. Custom

      Issue: Though I have some reports under this 'Custom' folder, it says 'Empty folder'. It only shows the 'Analysis' but not any reports. Problem is not with this folder alone but all. I've also ensured that I am able to see all the reports when I navigate using Navigator -> Tools - > Reports and Analysis.

      Can any of you guide me on what is the issue and what to be done?

      Thanks in Advance.