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    Filtering an answer based on a drill-down result




      I'm having a problem filtering a report.


      The report has a prompt where I can choose the client (edit box).

      The report also has two answers.

      Answer 1

         Where I can drill-down by the branch and see the clients and clients account on that branch.

      Answer 2

         This answer shows the accounts in more detail and only appears when the prompt client is filled.


      To have interaction with both answers I have done:

      Answer 1

         I have done the Navigate.

         Column Properties -> Column Format

         And at Value Interaction, I selected:

             Type: Navigate

             Target: Answer 2

      Answer 2

          Filter on saved request, where I selected the answer 1 and the field account


      My problem is that a client could have more than one branch, so when I choose the client (on the prompt), it will appear the all the client accounts and doesn’t filter by the branch selected on the drill-down.

      How can I filter the Answer 2 based on the Answer 1 drill-down result?


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