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    session timout on common frame in apex

    Balu K

      Hi All,

      i have developed a project which contains multiple applications.

      It contains like frames top(120:102) and bottom.(remaining applications)


      120 application consist of Top frame and it contains logo and logout link and it is static. anfd login page is existed in 120 page only.

      we can access rmaining applications throuth list.

      Idle session time out:

      I  have set idle time in all applications but After login ,I am Accessing remaining applications using list.but top frame (which contains logout link and logo )  not using . after idle time reached 120(top frmae is redirect to login page) but still iam accessing remaing application because those applications are at differnet frmae..



      How do i set session timeout for irrespective application if user dont use top and bottom frmaes ,then only session should timeout.