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    Error importing pkcs12 in certificate store


      Running: Sun DSEE 6.3.1 (I know, this is an old version which should be upgraded)


      When I try to import a p12 (pkcs12) certificate, using DSCC, I get the following error:


      An unexpected error occurred importing the certificate

      Importing Certificate on server <servername>:1389 . . . . . A certificate with the same alias already exists in the database.
      Failed to import the certificate
        Error  Error executing the operation. The error code is 11.

      As DSCC does not prompt for an alias name, I assume the (alias) name for the certificate is taken from the CN value? There is however no alias in the database with the same name. I double-checked from the command line using certutil and neither via the GUI, nor via the CLI do I see this alias name in the database. So why is DSCC refusing to import it and what do I need to do to solve this problem?


      Any clues?