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    AnyChart Jar - Ratio of Bars in the bar charts is not proper.


      In Bar charts of Anychart if the values of bars are small, for instance there are two bars one has a count of 1 and the other has count of 2 than the bar size are not proportional. And same value is displayed multiple times in the Y axis.

      Please find the attachment for screen shot of the chart.

      Can u please let us know the solution for the above problem.

      Anychart 5.0

      Weblogic 10.3.4

      Java 1.6

      Below is the code snippet


        <title enabled="true" position="Top" align_mode="horizontal"  align="Right">

            <text><![CDATA[ (Total Inquiries : {%DataPlotYSum}{numDecimals:0})]]></text>


        <chart_background enabled="false"/>

        <title enabled="false"></title>



        <x_axis enabled="True">

        <title enabled="true"><text><![CDATA[Titlet]]></text></title>

        <% if("true".equals(renderLegend)){%>

        <labels display_mode="Rotated" rotation="90" align="inside" allow_overlap="false" width="60"/>

        <%}else {%>

        <labels enabled="false"/>



        <y_axis position="Normal">

        <scale inverted="False" type="Linear"/>

        <title enabled="true"><text><![CDATA[Title]]></text></title>









      Thanks in Advance