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    Connectio problem from Application


      Hi Guru,


      Oracle Version :

      Operating SYstem: Linux.


      We have a 2-node Rac in which we created few services . And Weg logic application is using those services to connect to DB . For  more than 5 months every thing working fine . But all of the sudden we got a strange issue few days back. i.e


      Application is not comming up when conneciton to DB using SCAN IP as Host . Even when we hange the HOST to NODE 2 Public or VIP also the application is not comming up .


      But when we point it to NODe 1 manually it is workign fine. We also tested from TOAD, SQL PLUS from local client system. Every thing is working fine. But only from Application we are having issues with SCAN IP and alos with NODE 2 PUBLIC and VIP IP's.




      Please help me how to find out the issue.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Venkata Poorna Prasad.S