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    How to import table data in different number of columns?

    Nino Putra

      Hi Guys.. I'm using data pump export/import method in Oracle 11GR2

      so I have table A contain (ID, Name, Address, City, Phone) and I want to export it into table B (ID, Name, Address)

      How can I import data from table A to table B that have different number of columns in table B??? always give me error ORA-39112 

      Please help me guys.. #newbie here

      here my code

      expdp USERID="admin"@orcl DIRECTORY=dmpdir TABLES="A"."table_a" FILE=tb_a.dmp GRANTS=Y ROWS=Y LOG=exportTables.log
      impdp USERID="admin"@target FULL=Y CONSTRAINTS=Y FILE=tb_a.dmp IGNORE=Y GRANTS=Y ROWS=Y COMMIT=Y LOG=importTables.log

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