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    Saving data as XML - Desktop


      Hi Experts,


      For documents processed through Documaker Desktop, is it possible to save the static text & user input data in the form of XML files? Need to identify if the data is static or user input.


      Any reference would be helpful. (Versions: 11.1 legacy, 12.x)




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          You may have to qualify you definition of "static".


          Yes, the desktop can export an XML file. As a general rule, the XML export would not have anything designed as static elements other than the skeletal structure of the FAP sections and recipients. All fields with data would be included in the output. If by "static" you mean to somehow distinguish between those fields the user manually entered versus the fields that might have been mapped or assigned data through some automated means, then I don't think that is possible. All fields with data would be included in the XML export, including multiline (MLT) text fields. The MLT field generation will contain additional structure of paragraphs and font changes along with the text data entered.

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            Thanks a lot for your reply.. I could get this implemented.


            By "static" I meant anything other than 'user entered'. Including data in text area/labels etc. In studio we have option to convert FAP to XML. Similar way, is there any option available in legacy versions..? Either FAP by FAP or for the entire form.

            Just wondering if we can input the data to downstream system directly from Documaker in some way.



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              Again, I want to repeat that all fields with data are going to be in the XML output, no matter how those fields got assigned the data. You don't get the static text labels or any other non-field content aside from the general structure of the document and recipients.


              To have the desktop export XML you can add the export type to the INI.


              < ExportFormats >

                  01  = ;V2;Standard Export;TRNw32->TRNExportV2;

                  02  = ;XX;XML Export;WXMW32->WXMExportXML;


              You probably already have the first line - the standard V2 export method - in your INI file. The second line adds the XML export choice.  Then when you go to Complete a transaction in the desktop, you can choose this Export type to get the XML output.