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    Can a SOA Scheduler to trigger multiple web services?


      I have a requirement where, a SOA Scheduler component has to be created and this has to trigger multiple services.


      I am able to create a SOA Scheduler using Quartz Scheduler and trigger one web service. In the process, i created a web service proxy component using JDeveloper and in the creation steps,i provided the WSDL URL of that service which has to be trigged. Then followed the steps to create java and servlet classes.Successfully deployed the Scheduler as .war. The Scheduler now triggers the service as per the cron expression provided.


      Now i wanted to make the same SOA Scheduler to trigger multiple services which have different WSDL URL's at the same cron interval provided. For example, the SOA Scheduler has to trigger BPEL process 1, 2 ,3 at that particular time.I am using Quartz .jar for dependencies.


      Is it possible to trigger multiple services with a single SOA Scheduler? Kindly share any document which helps on implementing the same.