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    Essbase v11.1.2.3 : help to implement a backup process falling on runtime how to do ?


      hello all,
      My clients IT project want the schedule to stop Essbase database backup doesn't exit.


      I see the manual Essbase to treat the question ; Essbase backup during Runtime.

      Explanations are simple.





      Backing Up Files During Run-Time

      If any Essbase databases must be running at the time of the backup, follow these steps:

      1.   Placing a Database in read-only mode.
      2.   Performing a File Backup.
      3.   Returning a Database to read-write mode.




      After testing the reality is different.


      Have you already implemented this solution?


      Because right now I tested the implementation of read-only mode.

      To place database in read-only mode :


      alter database begin archive

      Essbase Technical Reference


      The command is simply but this command is ineffective.


      The commande mode Begin Archive can be executed only when there are more treatment running under the database when there are no more connexion on the database otherwise an error message came back this order.

      Should be banned connection and stop or wait until the current process?
      The runtime backup mode must be done while working users??


      how to switch suitable in read-only mode?


      we need your help about how to effectively implement backup during runtime.

      tx to your help responce.