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    How to update #{pageDocBean.lastUpdateDateString} programatically


      Hi All,

      I am working on Webcenter Portal We have created a Custom Webcenter Application and deployed on Custom Managed Server. We have developed hundreds of runtime pages exposed the content from the Content Server.

      Requirement :- When the user navigates to the page and use the inline edit to update the content(which indeed residing in Content Server) ,  then once the user finishes updating and saves the inline edit , then  the Last Modified Date on the webcenter page for the respective page should also be updated.

      Implementation :- We will create a servlet which will take a page name parameter from the Content Server Custom Component which will monitor which page is being modified. Then , the servlet will go to the respective page name and will update the modified date.

      As per my understanding , the #{pageDocBean.lastUpdateDateString} is what reflects the date and time when the page was last updated. Could you please share me the code which shows how to access the pageDocBean with all the context and user verification and get the scope/MDS Session and then finally update the modified date of the respective page from servlet.

      Have a good day!!