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    lp: Too many active jobs - after patching


      We recently applied patches 16162588 18826085 17311434 and 16479778 to correct some issues in a PATCH instance.  After we applied them, all print jobs failed with "lp: Too many active jobs"  errors.


      This problem occurs in all instances on that server and we get the same error when we try to use "lp" to print from the OS level.  We can delete the spool from CUPS and restart it to allow printing but we are concerned that the problem may reappear during a check run.


      We applied the patches on new clone instance on a separate server and experienced the same problem.  It appears that applying these patches is somehow 'overwhelming' the print service on the APP server.


      We are on R12.1.3 on Oracle Linux 6 (64 bit).


      Has anyone else seen this?