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    Checking integrity of database


      Hi all.

      How to make the most simple and fast as possible (in terms of CPU and disk usage) checking the integrity of the database?
      Whether to use this standard utility db_verify or need to write your own?
      Is it enough to just check the service headers to minimize disk reads?

      Thanks in advance.

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          best to use db_verify.




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            What steps do you advise to be taken if the check from the utility takes longer than I would like?


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              BDB is open source and you are certainly free to customize operations.   The develop team does not advise or consult on a customers customizations.    This would be something you would be on your own on.    On occasion, we have taken customers customizations that are considered generally useful to the product and incorporated them into the product.  This is something we welcome.  In other words, we will take code changes from the open source community and incorporate them into the product.    As I stated earlier though, the changes have to be generally useful and not targeted at a very specific case.   This is a reasonable criteria because library footprint is important to us. The checks that are in db_verify now are the ones that the development team feel are necessary to verify the integrity of the database.    If you want to add some or remove some then that is a customization you will need to do and do your own testing, etc.   


              hope this helps