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    Negative Quantities in Purchase Order Lines/ Reciepts




      I have 2 questions I need help with.


      1) I am currently working on a scenario where I send PO's and Receipt information from an IBM legacy app which has negative quantities in some cases to show credit transactions for PO's. Is it possible to send the same information over to Oracle EBS through interface tables that it has. It does not allow me to pass a negative value at the PO Line level on the front end either. Is there a work around for this in oracle.


      2) I understand there are 2 interface tables for receipt's at the moment. One is for the RCV_HEADERS_INTERFACE and RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE. Which concurrent program can we use out of the box from oracle to run a request for receipts. (For ex we use POXPDOI or import standard purchase orders for PO's)



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          Hi Ashwin,


          My suggestion would be identify all such lines and treat them seperately. My best guess is that you are going to load Open PO lines and On Hand Balances Seperately.

          Ask business to close as many PO's with negative lines as possible if not all, so that you are left with minimum problem statement.


          Once you have the right On Hand Balance loaded during cutover/ UAT, verify all open PO's with negative lines and do a issue out of inventory with an account and PO reference.

          Keep the negative po's in archive for audit requirements in future.


          Oracle does not have a concept of negative lines in the PO.




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