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    OHS start fails after wallet update




      We are attempting to change SSL configuration for a standalone OHS 12.1.3 install on Windows 2008 R2.  This configuration change involved creating a new wallet and adding the appropriate trusted CAs using orapki then updating ssl.conf parameters.  Attempting to restart the component fails with the error:


      [OHS][ERROR:32][OHS-2054][MOD_SSL.C] ... Init: () A full restart is needed when wallet filechanged on-the-fly!


      We figured this meant the server needed to be restarted but that didn't resolve this error.    Has anyone else run into this error and how did you resolve it?


      This leads me to another question: Should we be using an Oracle provided admin tool to update ssl parameters instead of manually updating the ssl.conf file?  If so, what is the appropriate tool to use when OHS is installed as standalone?