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    Unifier 9.14 with Autovue 20.2.2

    Khuong Do


      I install Unifier 9.14 and Autovue 20.2.2 but they can not work together. It show:

      Server version : 20.2.2

      Client version : 20.2.1


      I believe Unifier 9.14 only support autovue 20.2.1.

      But I can not find autovue 20.2.1 installation source. In edelivery.oracle.com website, it only has version 20.2.2.


      Is there anyone can share me the autovue 20.2.1 installation source?

      Or help me to configure Unifier to support autovue 20.2.2.


      Thanks so much.

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          Matias Guajardo Uribe-Oracle

          Hi, As per our Tested/certified configurations matrix, Unifier has been certified for use with AutoVue 20.2.2. You can use the following instructions for installing AutoVue: 1. Go to eDelivery and download the correct version of AutoVue, as specified in Tested Configurations.  2. Extract the zip and navigate to the \ClientServerDeployment folder. 3. Run InstallClientServer.exe. 4. Click Next, only adjusting the following values: • Authentication – Configure Later (Manual Configuration) • SSL – Configure Later (Manual Configuration) 5. After AutoVue is installed, it can be started from Start Menu > Oracle AutoVue > Start AutoVue. 6. Open the Unifier Configurator (c:\unifier\weblogic\configure.bat). 7. Navigate to the Markup Server tab and populate the following: • Markup Server Host Name – Name or IP address of the server running AutoVue • Markup Server Port – The port AutoVue is running on.  Default: 5099 8. Restart Unifier. Best regards, Matías G. Uribe

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            Khuong Do

            Thanks Matias,


            But finally I have to install Unifier 10 to work with Autovue 20.2.2.