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    EMGR Update Failed

      I received the following error while running the Initialize_services.bat after installing MDEX,Platform services,T&F and Developer Studio.
      It says emgr_update_mgr setings failed.Please find the error log below


      Error Message:
      WARNING: An error occurred while attempting to set instance configuration in Workbench. This action requires all locks in Workbench to be available. If the utility log includes errors associated with r
      esource locks, ensure that  users are out of Workbench and break locks in Workbench before re-running this action.
      [06.24.14 16:38:54] SEVERE: Utility 'emgr_update_update_mgr_settings' failed. Refer to utility logs in [ENDECA_CONF]/logs/shell on host ITLHost.
      Occurred while executing line 4 of valid Bean Shell script:




      2 week