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    Bank account number not defaulting in iSupplier portal for a PO invoice



      We use R12 iSupplier portal for PO invoices.


      while keying in a PO invoice, the 'Remit to Bank Account' is not defaulting automatically.

      the suppliers have to click on the list of values, then a pop up opens, where in they have to say GO.


      This whole process is very confusing for our suppliers and it involves lots of training as most browsers have 'pop up blockers'.

      Imagine training 40000 suppliers


      Is there anyway we can default the primary bank account.




      iSupplier portal

      Finance tab


      Create invoice with a PO


      Search with a PO number


      Remit to bank account is not defaulting


      Clicking on the magnifying glass ( LOV ) opens a pop up


      Unnecessarily adding few extra clicks  and pop up blocker issues.

      Drastically affecting the user experience.


      Many Thanks,