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    SQL Developer - not connecting?


      I've used SQL Developer on my desktop for the last month, it stopped connecting seems to stop when restoring windows, No updates have been done on my laptop recently not sure what the issue could be. Deleted the folder I unzipped developer into and unzipped it again still the same issue. What displays is a window for 'Connection Information', it's blank, have to end task in task manager because it doesn't respond. I download 4..0.2 and it worked yesterday but today I came in and the same issue is occurring.  Appreciate any help.

      Thanks Jerry

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          Barry Mcgillin-Oracle

          So, even if you restart SQLDeveloper, you cannot connect, is this right? or a restored window has no connection?  The restored window with no connection could be that the connection has terminated in the session.  Can you confirm this?

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            Gary Graham-Oracle

            If you wish to test whether there may be some issue with user settings corruption (either migrated from a prior install, or even supposedly fresh, default settings) try the following to create a clean "sandbox" unaffected by any existing user settings directories.  Add a

            AddVMOption -Dide.user.dir=<directory_system4.>

            line to your sqldeveloper.conf file.  Since you recently reinstalled SQL Developer (removed and unzipped into an empty directory), that should be OK, although I would avoid installing under C:\Program Files\.  Always use folder locations other than C:\Program Files\ or C:\Users\, locations where Windows or your system administrators might be restricting you in some inconvenient way.




            SQL Developer Team


            P.S.: And if that does not help, you may wish to collect some debug info to investigate where the hang occurs.

                     Here is a popular approach: http://www.thatjeffsmith.com/archive/2012/06/how-to-collect-debug-info-for-oracle-sql-developer/


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              I have encountered this problem too.  As far as I can tell it is caused by having certain files open that get restored on the new launch of SQL Developer.  I temporarily renamed my connections.xml to something else so it could not find any connections on startup.  That let me get into the program and close the windows.  Then putting connections.xml back restored my connections.


              I can't find an option to disable restoring windows.

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                Gary Graham-Oracle

                I am not aware of any such option either.  Prior to 4.0, deleting windowinglayout.xml somewhere under the user settings folder probably would have resolved the problem, but that is no longer relevant with the new JDev 12.1 IDE infrastructure used in 4.0.


                Anyway, thanks for the tip.  We are always interested in avoiding and fixing hang conditions in the product.  Will ping our PM Jeff Smith to make sure he is aware of this scenario.

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                  Gary Graham-Oracle

                  Actually, I am reminded the original poster referred to our 4.0.2 release and that 4.0.3 has the fix.  So if you are not already using 4.0.3, please upgrade.  Otherwise, providing a detailed test case for 4.0.3 would justify logging a new bug -- ideally, however, you should pursue that through Oracle Support rather than here.