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    Insert a form inside a workflow(workflow customization)




      I have created a workflow with three step. This workflow is used to translate an asset(and every its attribute) in another language: I need a workflow because the translation will not be done inside the contributor interface. It will be done by an exteranl translation service gives by another enterprise/website. I need to send a file with the asset and its attributes inside the file to an external site but I need to ask to the asset writer(or creator) information about the translation(like annotation, the translation language that they want and any other information will be necessary).


      My translation workflow is composed by three state: language choice and other options, translation and wait for publish.


      So what I need is to: crate the asset ---> insert the asset in the translation workflow ---> open a form between the first and the second step of the workflow to choice the language and send the file to the external site --> recatch the file after translation that will be sent by the external site --> wait for publish --> if it's ok publish and finish the workflow.


      How to insert and create a form inside the workflow?