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    Instant Messaging behavior


      Hi guys, i'm running last Communication Suite release over 2 SPARC T4 nodes.

      Hi have Solaris 11.1 OS an Solaris Cluster 4, my clustered services are messaging and im, then we have two local zones with glassfish 3 and iwc.


      When i login to Convergence on one node (local zone) everything  (mail,calendar,im) seems  to works fine , then if i disconnect from iwc an login again on the other convergence node everything works except for IM.


      Restarting IM many times and re executing the same test inverting nodes i have the same behavior, it seems to work just with the first convergence i login.


      I tried to look for errors in xmppd.log and httpbind.log/iwc.log with no luck


      Any ideas