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    Load to Essbase SLOW


      Hi everybody,


      i have a problem with exporting data to Essbase, it works veeerz slow.


      Steps to reproduce->


      1. Start Export step in order to export/load data in Essbase. When the export is started following mesage displays Processing, Please wait... and it hungs there. Export process never finish.


      In Essbase EAS cosnole the following transaction shows up and it never finish:




      Also CPU percentage on Essbase server jumps to 50% untill i KILL this Calculate transaction, after that, on FDQM server i have to kill process  upsES11XG4K.exe as well.


      This is the Essbase log for the TS_PLAN Essbase app:



      [Thu Jul 10 13:35:21 2014]Local/TS_PLAN///3020/Info(1042059)
      Connected from [::ffff:]

      [Thu Jul 10 13:35:21 2014]Local/TS_PLAN/Prihodi/admin@Native Directory/3020/Info(1013162)
      Received Command [Calculate] from user [admin@Native Directory]

      [Thu Jul 10 13:35:21 2014]Local/TS_PLAN/Prihodi/admin@Native Directory/4412/Info(1012555)
      Clearing data from [Jan] partition with fixed members [Scenario(REAL)]

      [Thu Jul 10 13:35:21 2014]Local/TS_PLAN/Prihodi/admin@Native Directory/4412/Info(1012675)
      Commit Blocks Interval for the calculation is [3000]


      This 4 rows are repeating during this transaction.


      Essbase adapter is configured with default options

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          Are you accessing the FDM Web Server Directly are accessing via a load balanced URL?  - Test the process locally on the server using http://localhost/hyperionFDM. If it is working locally on the server properly with "localhost", it would indicate a network or load balance server issue.




          Also The default timeout for IE would be 60 minutes. If you run the same process locally on the FDM Web Server itself do you see the same behavior?




          Also which broswer are you using ??




          Please confirm .





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            Francisco Amores


            as your issue is related to clearing data before loading (replace mode), I would suggest you to log in a file the clear scripts being executed (comment fcalculate line so scripts are not executed). The create CSc in essbase to run the clear scripts from essbase and see results.

            you can write clear scripts and comment line in LOAD ACTION SCRIPT (expand essbase adapter > actions > double click LOAD)

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              thanks for the response. Problem solved. Problem was in configuration. In Essbase adapter entity dimension was disabled, and in intgration script there was an inplanted value '-'. When we activated Entity dimension in Essbase adapter, export to Essbase lasts 20 sec.