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    ADF, OHS and EM deployment

    Sydney H.



      I have an AdminServer on port 8004 and a managed server on port 8010. I also configured OHS (port 8891) to use OAM.


      The issue: EM sees the deployed application as DOWN whereas it's perfectly working.


      I deploy the application on the managed server (8010). But to access it I use the OHS port (8891). In EM I checked the entry point for the web module, and it uses the port 8010.




      If you browse directly to that URL you get an unauthorized HTTP 401 error. But if you browse to http://example.com:8891/MyApp-ViewController-context-root, you are redirected to OAM or automatically logged in to the application.


      Q: Is there a way to change the web module entry point in EM to use OHS port instead of managed server port?