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    OBIA out of box reports show no data after initial full load


      Hi gurus,

      we installed and configured OBIA for financial, supply chain (SCM) and HR analytics and then ran full loads (individually first for financial analytics, then for SCM and finally for HR)

      Once load completes successfully for each module, then we checked corresponding module out of box reports in the front end. And during each check we observered that the reports show no data,(we just see the generic "No results" message for each report irrespective of the prompt selections)


      Assuming that the problem is with the data load, we ran full loads multiple times and again ending up with the same.


      Is this because the confirmed dimensions are not loaded properly ? or due to incorrect domain value csv file specifications ?


      our environment:  ebs is 12.1.3, obiee is, obia is, informatica is 9.0.1 hotfix2, dac is 11g, datawarehouse db is


      appreciate your inputs.




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          Confirm how many modules you are combining?..




          I would suggest you to create or use one EP for financials alone and check ETL completes successfully.




          Some of the tasks are shared between differerent modules how ever first time they run in FULL load and next time DAC runs them in incremental load.



          Post your results when you complete ETL for financials only?..U can then run SCM later..



          In this way you can atleast be sure whats going wrong when running ETL.




          You should not be checking FULL LOAD option when running any execution plan.That will always push the taks to run in full load ,doing so tables gets truncated.



          DO follow these steps when running ETL.



          1)Ensure there is no full load option is checked for any of the EP.If chcked then unchek it and save it.

          2)Run only for one one module at a time -Like Financilals first,HR second then SCM third,Produrement fourth .In this way you can debug where exactly the error lies.(Run individualy by creating individual EP).






          Create one execution plan for all modules - Check the tasks and then try debug irrespective of which module it is falining.



          3)Try to verify the Session variables/Initialization blocks on the report to check if the data issue is at the reports or at the ETL level.




          Mark helpfull if it helps.



          Do let me know if you need anything else.





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            Ahsan Shah

            First of all..if you have limited experience with OBIA..do NOT start with 4 large areas and load them all at once.


            Pick ONE area, load it....pick ONE subject area...pick ONE report from that subject area..then do the following:


            1.  First make sure you see where the issue is (OBIEE/RPD/Filters..or ETL/DW).  If its in OBIEE, check to see if any variables or prompts are causing no data to appear. 


            2.  Check the session SQL that OBIEE is generating, run it on the DB and see which tables are missing data (Facts, Dims, etc) or if WIDs are not joining in DB


            3.  For those that are missing data or incorrect joins, trace the ETLs using INFA and DAC to see if the STAGING tables have the correct data sets. Work backwards till you get to SDE and see why the data is not being extracted.  It may also be a CSV configuration issue. 



            This process should get you the root cause.  Try to understand the OBIA process and configurations and not just blindly run loads.

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              Ahsan, thanks for reply,


              can you be more explanotory on " It may also be a CSV configuration issue."



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                Ahsan Shah

                Did you configure each area per the OBIA 7964 configuration guide? There are a number of Domain Value configurations that are done via CSV files. Examples include GL Group Account (Financials),  HR Event Types/Reasons (HR), AP/AR transaction types...and a lot more.


                If you havent done this..go back and do them properly and rerun the load.