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    Central resource bundles


      Hi there,


      At our current customer we have multiple ADF projects which are deployed as ADF Libraries (.jars).

      As you probably know, the Model and the ViewController project uses their own resource bundles.


      We currently have +- 10 libraries, which all have the Model & VC project which all have resource bundles for 4 different languages.

      So when you do a quick count (10 * 2 * 4) you can see we have at least 80 properties files.

      These libraries are then used in 2 applications (which also have properties files).


      As you can imagine, it's not easy to manage all these files and there are lots of double strings which have to be translated multiple times.

      My questions is, can we somehow centralize all/some of these property files?

      If so, what would be considered a good method?


      Thanks in advance.



      Extra info: JDev + we use .properties files