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    install XE on VM ORACLE Virtualbox W7x32


      hi! Try to install subj. all time have "ok" instalation. but when try to connect from sql comand line have the same errors like do not have an oracle database.

      try to chek "ORAHOME" - its ok.

      chec rights - made an user owner of folder with oracle with full rights.

      chek tnsnames.ora - remove my pc name to

      check servises in administration - run all servises with oracle

      but result the same - i do not see XE - do not work connect by sys, system, and admin.

      what i do wrong? or what i must do to run database?

      note: run "start/stop" works correctly (may be?) its reporting that normaly start and normaly stop but after start i have no working connect.


      i hopr for your help. thank You!

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          Specific error messages might reveal some hints, is the database running?


            sqlplus /nolog

            conn system

            ... password ... Connected.

            select status from v$instance;

              ... OPEN ... ???


          >> my pc name to


          That's localhost, or the loopback address, its good for checking if TCP is installed and not much else. Output from an `ipconfig /all` will have the info needed for a listener setup. If that address is where the listener HOST= is pointing to, no remote connections are possible. But sounds like that's one of the lesser critical problems, that one can wait 'till the others are sorted out.


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