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    iSupplier Portal and OSN - What is the difference



      What is the difference between iSupplier Portal and Oracle Supplier Network?  I know this is a basic question but I have read the documentation on Oracle's site but am unable to get a clear understanding of these products.

      We are a Buying company and are in the initial stages of evaluating options to optimize our Procurement process.

      At a high level, I understood the following:  Please correct me if I am wrong.

      1. OSN integrates with Oracle EBS. Suppliers would register and login to OSN and view/confirm POs, Create Invoices etc.  As EBS Buyers we would send POs and Pull invoices from OSN

      2. iSupplier Portal integrates with EBS.  Suppliers register and login to the portal and do something similar.  As Buyers we would do something similar.

      So What is the difference and which product is used when?

      If someone can take a moment to explain I will greatly appreciate it.



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          iSupplier allows purchasing and supplying organization to exchange New PO, PO changes, acknowledgement, ASN/ASBN etc. but doesn't write information to the supplier system by itself.


          OSN not only exchanges information but writes into both the the systems of purchasing and supplier organization.

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            Thanks for you reply.  Appreciate it.

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              In addition to the above points,


              Please find few more points below.


              1.    OSN is provided by Oracle to electronic transmitting of PO, Invoice etc, with no cost

              2.    Both Buying company and Supplier need to register in OSN to transact corresponding Transaction type(Details are managed within Oracle)

              3.    XML/CXML Document can be shared to suppliers via OSN

              iSupplier Portal:

              1.    iSupplier Portal need to be licensed to our client

              2.    Supplier users will register(Details are managed within our private instance) themselves to acknowledge PO, Initiate CO, Raise ASN/ASBN, monitoring physical on-hand Qty of their consignment etc.,

              3.    They can view our PO and invoice directly from our Database with limited access through internet(Highly secured)


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