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    Oracle Purchasing Module without Oracle Inventory?


      Hello Experts,

      In my current project, we have very minimal requirement on purchasing side. Prior to Oracle Apps implementation, the client was doing the entire purchasing manually. There wasn't any legacy system prior to this. They now have taken the license of Oracle purchasing, HRMS, Finance and Oracle Projects here. Since it's an investment banking domain, they do the purchasing of expense items (paper, stationary etc) and fixed assets items like furniture, Air conditioner, laptop etc.

      I am curious to know the following:

      1. For this specific case, can the requirement be fulfilled only with Oracle Purchasing module or I would require Oracle Inventory too?

      2. Presently the business tracks the stationary purchases in an excel spreadsheet, is it possible to track the expense items using purchasing module only (without Inventory module)?

      3. I tried creating the INV Organization but there it is mandatory to attach a workday calendar, which can be created only in Inventory module as in Purchasing we can define only accounting calendars, so is there any other way I can achieve this using Oracle Purchasing module only?

      4. I read the other thread on OTN community with the same topic, here is the link:

           Purchasing Module without Inventory/Shared Inventory

      As per this thread, we would need Inventory module to define categories of Items, Inv org, Receiving options etc But as per my understanding, we can do all these activities through Oracle Purchasing module also.

      So is there any other factor which I might have missed that would be required to cater my requirements using Oracle Purchasing only or I will have to have Inventory module along with Oracle Purchasing.


      Please advice.


      Best Regards,