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    Copying Table Row values into form fields.




      I m trying to copy a tabular report row values into a form,  when a copy link in my tabular report is pressed

      My requirement is to set the form fields based on the report row values.


      For this i created a report  and form..

      Included a column link with name copy, redirecting to page 39. id and class attribute for the link are set to id="#COPY#"  class="copy"



      Dynamic Action

      Event: Click

      Selection Type: Jquery Selector

      Jquery Selector:.copy


      True Action.

      Execute Javascript Code.


      var a = this.triggeringElement.a;

      var b = this.triggeringElement.b ;

      var c = this.triggeringElement.c;

      $('#P39_a').val(a); ------------------------ 39 is my form page





      When pressing the copy link , i m navigating to page 39 but without values.

      can anybody help?




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          Javascript has only access to the items that are actually rendered on the page. Since you are redirecting to page 39 I assume that the dynamic action isn't run on page 39.

          If that is the case the javascript does not have access to the items P39_A, P39_B and P39_C.

          Secondly javascript will only set the items on client side. But with redirecting you want the items in session state. In other words on the server.


          You mention you are using a column link. Any reason why your are not using the item settings in the column link settings of the column attributes.


          What are you trying to accomplice? What problem are you trying to solve with using the dynamic action?

          What kind of report are we talking about? Classic or interactive.

          Use apex.oracle.com to show us what you already have.



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            Thank You Nicolette,


            The approach i was using to achieve this functionality was wrong , thank you for your help.

            I achieved the required functionality with given code.


            Created a link in column of report.

            In the Column Link Section, change column target into URL and place the given URL in the URL field.




            It solved my problem.