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    How to create a global item in oracle APEX

    Xuehan Xu

      Hi, everyone

      I'm trying to add an item in every page of my application in oracle APEX. As there are many pages in my application, for convenience, I created a Global Page, and added a region in which the item was created. Although this can meet my requirement of adding an page item in every page, but it will lead to an unnecessary region display in every page.

      I also tried to create an item plug-in in "shared components", and tried to add the plug-in in Global Page. However, when I tried to add an "plug-in" type region, apex told me that there is no plug-in installed. Why?

      Is there any way to add a page item in Global Page without add an unnecessary region? If it is not possible, is there any other way that can add a page item to every page in apps without having to add it to pages manually?



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          Tony F.



          Unsure if this is actually possible as when you create a page item, you need to associate it to a specific region, which is not what you are after. I am unsure how many pages you are talking about here but in order to avoid the use of a region in every page, you could actually create application items within "Shared Components" for the pages you require a page item for, which wouldn't require a region for these but you will need to ensure you manage each of these new application items for the relevant pages.


          For example, if your app only has 5 pages alone, you would create 5 separate application items, i.e.:


          1. AI_P1_ITEM
          2. AI_P2_ITEM
          3. AI_P3_ITEM
          4. AI_P4_ITEM
          5. AI_P5_ITEM


          and then for instance, you would use say :AI_P5_ITEM within your page 5 only and so forth, for the others.


          Unsure if this will help but hopefully might be another workaround.



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            Duplicate thread: https://community.oracle.com/thread/3582724


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