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    Class loading error during startup


      I am getting the following error message on launch. It seems to be during the creation of the managed beans in the application scope.


      [SEVERE - oracle.adfmf.framework - Model - setBeanDefinitions] Unable to load class: "mobile.TestBean" for managed bean definition bean definition - Name: TestBean; Class: mobile.TestBean; Scope: application

      Error initializing Network Connection: Class not found

      Back Channel Hidden Feature: Received Event: deviceready

      Back Channel Hidden Feature - Startup is complete.

      Error initializing Network Connection: Class not found




      This is with a project created from scratch using the latest MAF in Jdeveloper 12c (downloaded last week).  I created another simpler project for testing one and get the same problem.


      adfc-mobile-config.xml shows the class as being defined without any errors.


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>

      <adfc-mobile-config xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adf/controller" version="1.0">

        <managed-bean id="__1">







      The bean is defined in ViewController\Application Sources\ mobile\TestBean.java


      package mobile;


      public class TestBean {

             private String something;

              public TestBean() {


          public void setSomething(String something) {

              this.something = something;


          public String getSomething() {

              return something;




      The fact no-one else has this problem tells me it must be something I am doing   but I cannot work out what the issue is (as this worked in previous releases of ADF Mobile as far as I can tell).  Is there a connection between the ApplicationController and ViewController projects that may have been broken somehow? Is it wrong to use application scope to store data when the application is launching? (i.e. is this similar to the user security not being available during the initial LifecycleListener - is the application scope not defined at this point?).


      Any help is appreciated!