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    Confirm dynamic action not working as expected in APEX 4.2.5

    Tony Andrews

      This looks like a bug in APEX 4.2.5.  I have a page with a "Cancel" button that redirects to another page.  There is a dynamic action that fires on click of the button with an action of Confirm and text "Are you sure?"  However, whether the user selects OK or Cancel in the confirm dialog makes no difference - the redirect is always performed.


      I found this issue after migrating a page that worked from APEX 4.1.1 to, and have also managed to replicate it on apex.oracle.com here:




      (Pressing Cancel button in top right of page redirects to page 1 regardless of user's response to confirm pop-up.)


      I don't need anyone to suggest alternative code, I know how to build my own confirmation processing.  I just want to raise this as a possible bug, and see if there is a fix to make the dynamic action work as it should.


      NB I did find this in patch notes for about a fix to a similar issue:





      A Before-Submit dynamic action with a confirmation message fails