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    Question on Migrating repository files from Brio8 version to Interactive Reporting version11

      We are migrating from Brio 8.3.1 version (unix) to Interactive reporting version (linux)environment. I am referring hs_migration.pdf this is for I couldnot find better version than that. There I can see migrating repository files on page 154 I attached screen shot and pdf for your reference. Here repository files means what are those .bqy reporting files or normal repository files?
      Is it possible to migrate .bqy files, .oce files and folder structure in the Brio web application to Hyperion Interactive reporting workspace using the migration utility tool? As per my knowledge .bqy files sits on the unix server but not on the schema (repository) which we used for installation and configuration of Brio 8 environment. so repository files means not .bqy files I think that is my doubt.
      I need your help in clarifying my doubts.