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    Follow-up to archived thread "Another Error (I think) In the 12.1 New Features Guide"


      I hoped to be able to add a reply to the most recent reply on March 8 in the "Another Error (I think) In the 12.1 New Features Guide" thread (https://community.oracle.com/thread/3526588), but since that thread has been archived, I am doing what was suggested elsewhere: create a new thread referencing the old one. My reply is:




      Thank you for your explanation about preferring PDF over HTML. That is perfectly fine and understandable. Also, we very much appreciate your documentation feedback in this forum, and encourage you to continue to report any issues here.


      I apologize for not replying much sooner. I either didn't get or overlooked an original notification about "Recent activity" after your reply; otherwise, I would have replied then.