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    Skillbuilders Modal Page Plug-in Not Showing in

    Joe R





      I installed the SkillBuilders Modal Page (2.0.0) plug in. The Modal Page is not showing. Firefox (v30) is showing an error: a.colorbox is not a function



      I have an Interactive Report with a column set up as a link.

      In the Column Attributes -> Column Link -> Link Text -> #<column_name>#

      Link Attributes -> onclick="return false;" class="scorecard"


      One column is set to pass an ID to my Modal Page.

      The plug-in has all defaults except for Theme: I changed that to 1 (from some other posts).


      The Dynamic Action (on the calling page):


      Event: Click

      Selection Type: JQuery Selector

      JQuery Selector: .scorecard (tired a.scorecard too)


      True Actions:


      URL Location: Attribute of Triggering Element

      Attribute Name: href

      Auto-close On Element Selector: div#success-message (though this shouldn't matter since I'm only displaying a Classic Report on the Modal Page)

      Dialog Height/Width Mode: Auto


      Popup Blocker is turned off in Firefox.


      What other information can I provide?

      Can someone help me with this?