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    BDB 6.1 release announcement


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      New Releases of Oracle Berkeley DB

      Available For Download Now
      Release Update

      The newest release of Berkeley DB 12cR1 ( is available now. Here is a summary of the new features:

            upgrades to in-memory OLTP throughput & performance
      HA improvement to identify a single master in a 2 site replication group
      HA useability improvements
      new Blob support added into replication
      removed need for fail check monitor process
      reduced the time for a database backup
      and a lot more!

      Berkeley DB continues to enable the most powerful embedded database solutions

            Handle TBs of data with a 1MB library
      Flexible, lightweight storage engine, small footprint
      Runs on low power ARM devices to cluster of high-end servers
      Over 50 open source software projects embed BDB -- check them out on Wikipedia
      Completely customizable, choose from 5 different access methods
      Industrial quality and battle tested with over 200 million deployments

      BDB is hands-down the best edge, mobile, and embedded database available to developers.  With the flexibility to place log files and/or database in any directory, applications can easily take advantage of the IO performance of flash caches, flash disks or SSDs.

      Top notch performance

      • Berkeley DB performs over 5 million operations a second on a 100GB database running on a 1/8 rack Exadata V2 Database Machine configured with 256GB RAM and 12 cores.
      • Berkeley DB can insert 100 thousand records in 72 milliseconds and read those records in 30 milliseconds, running on a 8 core XEON-based commodity server.  The records contain a 4 byte key and a 48 byte data value.  This was run using the benchmark described on pages 34-36 in an ebook on SQL Server 2014 from Microsoft Press.
      • To put this into perspective, we compared Berkeley DB to SQL Server 2014's In-Memory OLTP feature (code name Hekaton)  which has similar technology.  Berkeley DB, an open source product, is about 20% faster than SQL Server 2014 which takes 94 milliseconds for the same 100k insert operations on an 8 core X64 Intel commodity box with 14 GB memory.
             We are making available a benchmark program in C that can be configured to validate Berkeley DB throughput for the 100K insert test here.  

      What folks are saying:

      Open source Fedora package maintainer, Lubomir Rintel, says "Berkeley DB has quietly served behind the scenes as the database for the RPM Package Manager.   It has proven itself time and time again as a robust and efficient storage engine.   It stores the meta information of the installed rpms.  Under heavy workloads, BDB proves itself reliable. Countless people that use popular Linux distributions have used BDB through RPM and never knew it.  With this new release,   BDB continues its tradition of being a solid storage engine"

      Oracle Tape Product Manager, Dan Deppen, says "Berkeley DB is integral to Oracle StorageTek Storage Archive Manager (SAM-QFS).  We have been embedding Berkeley DB in our product for over a decade and it is vital to our disk archiving feature which is used to send files to remote data centers to enable disaster recovery.  Performance and scalability are critical because SAM-QFS supports some of the largest archive customers in the world.   HPC sites, research centers, national libraries and other customers requiring massive scalability and high reliability depend on SAM-QFS and Berkeley DB to maintain availability of their critical data."

      Oracle Identity Management Vice President, Shirish Puranik, says "Berkeley DB is a critical component of Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) and Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition (ODSEE).  We have been using Berkeley DB in these products as a high performance, transaction embedded database repository for several years.  Berkeley DB has exceed our expectations for performance and stability. Our Berkeley DB based products are widely deployed in production at largest telcos and financial institutions all over the world.   The improvements for BLOB support and high availability in the 6.1 release are welcome."

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      Please direct product questions to our Product Help Mail list for Berkeley DB. You can also email the Berkeley DB Product Management team directly.

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