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    Export data with Unified Logon method


      HI All,


      Im new to FDM and now im currently working on FDM and my target system is Essbase. I have created a user "FDM_Test" who is having access to FDM - Intermediate 8, ERP Integrator - Administrator and on Essbase front i have given Server access and Filter access (which is Read and have taken one Entity (say, 138-India) security restriction). And i have added the same user in the user Maintenance of FDM and gave same location (Entity: 138-India) access.


      When i login as FDM_Test user, im having access to 138 loction alone and im able to Import, Validate but unable to export data, which says "Insufficient Privileges for this operation". I have did some analysis on this, and changed Unified Logon method to "Global" and in "Global Logon Information" provided another user who is having Essbase Administration access alone and this worked as a work-around loading the data for FDM_Test user itself.


      But i want to understand, whether we can load the data from FDM to Essbase as non-administrator Essbase user? Do i need modify my provisioning at Shared servcices level or FDM level?


      Immidiate help would be a great help




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          For essbase access to Test_User you should have filter access to write. Read will only show the data any changes will not be allowed.


          Also for Trail purpose from smartview in the same combination as FDM , try to enter the data and see if you are able to . If from smartview also you are not able to submit then it shows fdm will not load.


          As a practice the user who is going to load data from FDM to essbase should have administrator access for respective application.


          let me know if any clarification required.




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            Hi KKT,


            Thanks for ur response.


            I also tested providing Write access to filter and load with the same privileges i mentioned above for FDM_Test user, then also same error persists as a Unified Logon.


            If i provide Essbase administrator access to this user, then this user can do the changes from Smartview which has to be restricted.


            As another test-- With unified logon, selecting the "Enable String Load" option, it is said in one of the blog that we can load data as non-administrator but then it is re-directing to provide Load rule name of Essbase. But i doesnt like to use a rule to load data, data has to be loaded directly thru FDM.


            Is there no alternate way using Unified?


            Please suggest