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    ODBC connection issues c++



      I have some connection issues with odbc in c++.

      Configuration :

      - Windows 7 64 bits.

      - Oracle express 11g 64 bits

      -instantclient 64 bits

      - odbc driver 64 bits

      - ide : visual studio 2013


      Connection string :SQLDriverConnectW(sqlconnectionhandle, NULL, L"Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle};Server=Serv; UID = testUser; PWD = testpwd; ", SQL_NTS, NULL, 0, NULL, SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE)


      I followed the same procedure on another computer and everything is working.


      Here are the 2 errors :

      • "failure of sqlAllocHandle - IM004"
      • "Oracle(tm) client and networking components were not found"


      Environment variables have been updated.

      The driver installation is succesful and I can connect to the db via odbc in control pannel.


      Any ideas ?