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    Invalid Grid despite no adhoc grid in worksheet


      Hi everyone


      I am using VBA SmartView functions to retrieve data from HFM. I have two worksheets: the frist is an adhoc analysis and the second a retrieve sheet with HSGetValue functions. I can define a PoV and extract data to the adhoc sheet. When I select the retrieve-sheet with the HS functions, however, HypRetrieve() yields an error message: 'Invalid Grid. Either Columns or Rows have zero members'. This is odd since I do not have a grid in that sheet. The PoV in the adhoc is correct and does yield non-zero members. It looks as if Smart View is still expecting to handle an adhoc grid despite a different worksheet being selected. I have tried to disconnect and re-connect but to no avail. Does anybody have any ideas what might be the cause?


      Thanks in advance